Egypt: situation for Christians 'tense'

Pyramids at Giza - ICN

Pyramids at Giza - ICN

Fr Nabil Fayez Antoun, PMS National Director, in Cairo, says the situation for Christians in Egypt remains tense, following further violence and the killiing of 14 young Christians in Moqattam. He said: "There have also been clashes in Giza. The protest by the Copts is also still going after four days in front of the national TV headquarters.”

In Mansheya, the neighbourhood of the garbage collectors (called“Zabbaleen”), at the foot of the Moqattam hills, there were clashes between Muslims and Protestants about the destruction of the Church in Atfih, in Helwan, he said.

“The youth revolution set off the different forces present in Egyptian society, thus presenting all together the various issues that have long troubled Egypt,” said Fr Nabil. “In addition, the economic situation is very critical. In short, we are undergoing a very confusing phase which is difficult to navigate. However, we hope that reason will prevail over violence.”

Fr Nabil added, however, that with the changes being forced upon Egypt by the young people's revolution, he hoped "perhaps some room to breathe can open up also to Christians."

He said: “I held a meeting in the cathedral, which was also televised, with some young people from Tahrir Square and representatives of various parties to discuss how Christians may also partake in this new reality, to make their contribution to the common good."

Source: Fides

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