New CD Release: How Can We Keep From Singing Volume 3

Boyce and Stanley present a beautiful selection  of songs and acclamations by liturgical composers Bernadette Farrell, Bob Hurd and Marty Haugen and others, in their latest release: How Can We Keep From Singing volume III.  Schools, youth groups and parishes will find the accessible arrangements featured a welcome new resource for worship and praise.

A full band features on some of the tracks, with songs ranging from the upbeat 'Alleluia, Raise the Gospel' to the prayerful appeal voiced in 'Hear our Prayer O Lord'. A collection of uplifting lyrics deliver messages about the freedom found through faith sung of in 'Freedom Reigns', God's relevance in our daily lives voiced in 'God is Still Speaking' and the promise of hope and renewal proclaimed in 'Remember Not the Things of the Past'.

Jo Boyce comments: "we just know, from very personal experience that a more contemporary musical style helps to make the liturgy accessible to many people.  So our objective with this recording is to make the arrangements great to listen to, yet simple enough for a good music group to aspire to.”

The collection is a pleasure to listen to, enhancing faith and reminding us of the sense of renewal that faith in Christ can bring. The final tracks 'We are called to serve', and 'Go out in the World' contain messages undoubtedly lived out by Boyce and Stanley and their team through the production of this uplifting volume of music.

How can we keep from Singing, Volume 3, goes on general release this Friday, 11 March. Order your copy in advance for just  £9.99 (rrp. £10.99)  For more information see:

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