Pax Christi: Pakistani Christians traumatise by killing of Shahbaz Bhatti

Shahbaz Bhatti

Shahbaz Bhatti

Following the killing of Pakistani Federal Minister for Religious Minorities, Catholic Shahbaz Bhatti, Peter Jacob, Secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, Member Organisation of Pax Christi International in Pakistan, said: “We are in a state of shock and panic: the Catholic community, all Christians, are traumatised by this latest murder. We feel bewildered and defenceless. This murder means that the Country is at the mercy of terrorists, who can afford to kill high-ranking personalities. We feel very vulnerable: they are more powerful than defenders of human rights and religious minorities. We strongly condemn this barbaric act. Now is the time of mourning, then we will decide what to do as Christians.”

Shabbaz Bhatti came several times to the Capuchin community in Antwerp and visited Pax Christi Flanders in that capacity. Pax Christi International is calling the Pakistani authorities to respect religious freedom. Our prayers for the victim and his family and to all (Christian) minority communities in the country.

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Source: Pax Christi

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