No shoes, but boy brings baby brother to school each day

Pupil with baby brother

Pupil with baby brother

Many children going off to school in the UK each morning will be in a rush to get ready. They will be running around gathering school bags, pens and pencils, finding their homework, lunch money and sports kit.

At the Pyi Chit School in the Thai town of Mae Sot one little boy has no bags, no books, no pencil or sports kit. He does not have shoes to wear and the same clothes he wears each day as the same clothes he sleeps in each night. But each day he arrives at school carrying something that most children never need to carry.

This young boy carries his younger brother with him to school each morning. There is no one to take care of this little one year old boy so his older brother has to take care of him. Whilst his older brother sits at the back of the class and does his school work, the toddler sits quietly on his brothers’ lap.

The Pyi Chit School is very poor. There are just four classes, three sharing one room whilst the fourth class sits outside, and desks are so scarce, that two classes sit on the floor.

The students receive lunch each day, and for most this will be the only meal of the day; many children wish they could study seven days a week so that they could get a meal every day.   

But one thing the children do have is the enthusiasm to learn. They love having the opportunity to attend school each day, no matter how basic the facilities are, and the children always have a smile on their faces.

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