Dear Friends Having been born within the sound of Christchurch Priory bells, ( Dorset ), it was a joy to read the Bishop of Portsmouth's letter to the Bishop of Christchurch ( NZ ). Every breath of comfort is appreciated. We are a small country and all of Aotearoa New Zealand is grieving at this time. As I write this 104 people are confirmed dead with around 300 missing. A large number of international students are among the missing as one of the buildings most damaged housed an international school. It is almost certain the remains of Christchurch Catholic Cathedral will be demolished and the cathedral rebuilt. In this city - Wellington - we are more than a little nervous, as the city sits on a major fault line. Please pray for us, for those who have lost family and friends, for the wonderful - utterly amazing - work of the emergency services and medical staffs from around the world. Brother Graham-Michoel Brandreth Wills bSH | Phone +64 4 479 6273 |
Wellington Aotearoa New Zealand">

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