NZ earthquake: Bishop sends message from twinned city in Dorset

Christchurch, Dorset  -  Wiki images

Christchurch, Dorset - Wiki images

Christchurch in Dorset, in the diocese of Portsmouth,  has strong links with the city of Christchurch in New Zealand. Bishop Crispian Hollis, Bishop of Portsmouth has sent the following message to Bishop Barry Jones, Bishop of Christchurch, New Zealand, following yesterday's devastating earthquake. 

Dear Bishop Barry,

We have a Christchurch in our diocese of Portsmouth and I believe that it is twinned with your city. On the behalf of our people there and very much on my own behalf and that of the whole diocese, I send you sincere wishes and prayers for the plight of your fellow citizens.

We have been shocked by the images we have seen on television and want to assure you of our prayers for you and for all your people.

May God bless you,

+Crispian Hollis

Bishop of Portsmouth


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