Lecture series : being Catholic today

 While no doubt each speaker in the Westminster Lenten Talk series will be excellent , the combination is a little unfortunate. At risk of sounding ageist, racist and sexist - I'm afraid it is precisely that: ageist, sexist and racist. Surly the organisers could have found one women, one person under 40 and one person from a different ethnic group - just to break things up a little? This selection of speakers does not reflect the reality of 'being Catholic Today' . The choice of the retired general is particularly strange since our own church leaders have been adamantly anti- war for some years. Before the war on Iraq Cardinal Cormac took part in a delegation of religious leaders to Downing Street to protest. No doubt the general will give an erudite lecture in Just War theory but I am afraid like the organisers of this series he is out of touch with ' being 'Catholic today' Jan O'Donnell Hackney, London

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