Lecture series on Being a Catholic Today

Being a young Catholic today is not easy. As a student living in halls in London I am the only person person on my floor who gets up on a Sunday to go to Mass. Two ex-boyfiends now think I am weird because I said I didn't want to sleep with anyone until I get married.

Now I am still friends with one but it is a difficult relationship.  I think our government is behaving very imorally on many fronts - the  cuts to student funding, support for abortion and the support for the arms industry and wars. But most of the people I campaign with  about this are not Christian.

So I was excited to hear about the lecture series at the Cathedral about being a Catholic today. Then I looked at the iist of speakers and felt disappointed. I wish there was someone in the Church who would lecture about these things which young people like myself have to deal with. To be honest that list of speakers - especially the retired general and retired diplomat,  wouldn't have a clue about the sort of problems young Catholics, and older ones too,  deal with on a daily basis.

The church complains about the shortage of vocations and how young people are dropping away from church but they offer us is prayer groups. They are important but then we have to go back into the world. We have a voice and we need to be taken seriously. Of course we respect our elders and listen to your wise words but please consider what we need sometimes.

Teresa D

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