Brazil: bishops protest over reality TV shows

Brazilian bishops  issued an official statement  on Wednesday, protesting at the poor quality of some television programmes in the country. The Brazilian Catholic Bishops Conference (CNBB) particularly cited reality shows, which they say "have profit as their main goal."

The Church in Brazil in the past has highlighted the importance of TV to Brazilian society, and recognised good programmes with the Clare of Assisi Television Award. But  in this statement the bishops lament that programmes made with  "advanced technical quality and undeniable cultural and moral value" were being "overshadowed" by crude reality shows.

They said the reality shows were offensive to human dignity, both for  those taking part -  lured by prize money or fleeting celebrity - and the public, especially families, who watch them.

The statement called for TV companies,  fathers, mothers, educators, advertisers and publishers, to reflect on their responsibility for the quality of programmes on television.

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