How Can We Keep from Singing? Vol 3

Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley

Jo Boyce and Mike Stanley

The third collection of songs in Boyce & Stanley’s popular How Can we Keep From Singing? Series, goes on general release on Friday 11 March.  This collection brings together a carefully selected group of songs and acclamations featuring work by well-known contemporary liturgical composers including Bernadette Farrell, Bob Hurd and Marty Haugen.

The How Can We Keep From Singing? series, was envisioned as a resource to help introduce tried-and-tested pieces into the repertoires of schools and parishes of a regular basis.  The songs in this third volume have found a regular place in the work and ministry of Boyce and Stanley, through their company CJM MUSIC.

Jo Boyce comments: “We’ve used these songs ourselves regularly over the past few years, in various settings, with assemblies of all ages. Our hope in putting them together on a resource like this, is that the liturgical life of worshipping communities that we may never actually visit ourselves, will be enriched by them.

Unlike previous offerings in the series, this recording features a full band – including drums – on several tracks, while retaining the simple, accessible arrangements which have become the hallmark of the series so far.

Jo says: “We are not trying to fuel the debate on whether drums and guitars belong in church; we just know, from very personal experience that a more contemporary musical style helps to make the liturgy accessible to many people.  So our objective with this recording is to make the arrangements great to listen to, yet simple enough for a good music group to aspire to.”

All three CDs in this series provide a valuable reference point for parishes and schools looking to expand their liturgical repertoire.

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