Oxford: Franciscan lecture series at Greyfriars

St Francis of Assisi

St Francis of Assisi

A Franciscan lecture series begins next month at the Taylor Institution, St Giles, Oxford.

On Monday,  7 March, Richard Boileay, from Crib and Cross Franciscan Ministries will be speaking on: Consciousness, Conversion and Communication in Franciscan Spirituality.

On Monday  9 May, Lesley Smith from Harris Manchester, Oxford, will talk about  Medieval Franciscans and the Ten Commandments

Elia Mallon from Franciscans International, Geneva, will speak about Franciscans and Islam in the 21st Century on Monday,  23 May.

Vivian Boland, from Blackfriars, Oxford will give a lecture about Thomas Aquinas and Education on Monday,  6 June.


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