Hong Kong faith leaders send New Year greetings

Happy New Year !

Today is the start of the Chinese New Year. The Colloquium of Six Religious Leaders of Hong Kong  have sent out the 2011 Lunar New Year greetings,  hoping for prosperity for the land, progress and development for the citizens of Hong Kong and the growth of a harmonious society. The message was signed by Tong Wai-ki, Chairperson of the The Hong Kong Taoist Association; by the Venerable Kwok Kwong, President of the The Hong Kong Buddhist Association; by Bishop John Tong Hon of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong; by Tong Yun-kai, President of the Confucian Academy; by Ayub Tuet Che-yin, President of the Chinese Muslim Cultural and The Hong Kong Christian Council Fraternal Association; by Bishop Nicholas Tai Ho-fai, President of the Christian Council of Hong Kong.

According to “Kong Ko Bao” (the diocesan bulletin written in Chinese), in the message, the religious leaders even singled out the challenges that today's society must face. From the unbridled technological evolution and its consequences, especially on young people, to the financial crisis that has caused a greater gap between rich and poor.

The religious leaders also confirmed the essential role of religion to help young people give meaning to their lives. In fact, with religious spirit we can join together to promote social progress. Finally, confirming the greatest freedom, that of speech, they urged the mass media in Hong Kong to maintain a just and accurate position, according to the principles of common good.

Source: Fides

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