Children read Psalms on YouTube

The Anglican Bishop of Oxford and pupils from a Church of England primary school have recorded the first all-age Bible reading for a worldwide project aimed at capturing the whole of the King James Bible on YouTube.

The Rt Revd John Pritchard who today starts in his new role as chair of the Church of England's Board of Education and National Society Council joined pupils from All Saints CofE school, Didcot to read alternate verses of Psalm 67.

Their recording can be viewed at:

Bishop John started the week in his education role being interviewed on the BBC 1  Politics Show where he described the absence of Religious Education as a core GCSE subject in the English baccalaureate as "dangerous" saying that the study of religions is really important in how societies function.

The reading marked a double celebration as the National Society was founded 200 years ago to provide education for all through Church schools and the King James Bible was first published 400 years ago.

The one million pupils who attend CofE schools across England and Wales are all playing their part in this year's celebrations to mark the founding of the National Society which offered education to the poor  - 50 years before the state joined in.

Bishop John was visiting the school to officially open and bless the £370,000 remodelled and refurbished part of the school for three to five year olds.

"The King James Bible was published 400 years ago and our Church schools were started by the National Society 200 years ago. Both are examples of this country's Christian heritage, and it's very important in the 21st century to maintain that link with our cultural roots. The Bible has inspired some of the world's greatest drama, literature and music, and to Christians it's also the inspired word of God.  

"As a Church school, All Saints Didcot is both inclusive and distinctive, and the opening of its remodelled building demonstrates its important role in the community. It was a pleasure and privilege to read this passage together with children from the school, and posting it on YouTube is a great way of marking these celebrations."

Source: CoE Comms

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