Southwark: planning meeting for Catholic Road Show

Roadshow at Taize - 2010 image: Flicker

Roadshow at Taize - 2010 image: Flicker

Any individuals, organisations or charities that would like to be part of the Heart Gives Unto Heart Catholic Road Show 2011, are invited to attend a planning meeting this Saturday, 5 February at Archbishop Amigo Hall, St Georges Cathedral, Southwark, London from 11am – 4pm.

The 40 city Road Show is a fundraiser to help Heart Gives Unto Heart Catholic Internet Radio Station, which is scheduled to commence full time broadcasting in the autumn. The radio broadcast for the week of the Papal Visit via the internet attracting over 20,000 listeners and there has recently been heavy interest from supporters and Church organisations to assist this major addition to Catholic communications.

There is a need of donors and volunteers to help get the project off of the ground and long term advertisers for the radio station.

Anyone interested in attending the planning meeting or making a donation could they contact the organiser, Gerry Coates on   00 44 20 8974 6590 or look at the website at

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