Harare singers to perform in London

Arundel Voices of Zimbabwe

Arundel Voices of Zimbabwe

A group of young singers from Zimbabwe will be performing at Farm Street Church, in Mayfair, central London next month, in support of the A to Z Trust.  The Arundel Voices of Zimbabwe, based at Arundel School in Harare, will be at the Jesuit church the evening after performing earlier with Annie Lennox and performers from the West End in Gloriosa Superba - a Celebration of Zimbabwe.

The Scotland-based A to Z Trust was set up in January 2008 because of a long association between Aberdeen and Bulawayo.  The trustees are regular visitors to Zimbabwe and say they have seen the rapid decline from a once vibrant and self-sufficient country described as 'the breadbasket of Southern Africa' to a destitute and unproductive area blighted by economic and social collapse.

Trustee Elsie Oliver says education is a priority for Zimbabwe - and the Trust. "The economic collapse has resulted in an almost bankrupt education system devoid of qualified teaching staff and the basics necessary to provide teaching, textbooks and educational necessities which are beyond the financial capability of most families.  This state of affairs will create a lost generation of uneducated people whose skills should be available to help rebuild the country when normality returns.  Many of the children are either orphans or have been subjected to role reversal in that they are required to care for sick and dying parents or their orphaned siblings; this leaves little time for education and they are denied the physical, emotional and intellectual nurturing that is essential for a rebirth of the country."

In the longer term there will be an urgent need to assist with the development of self help projects which will enable people to raise their meager standards of living; assist with the development of new housing and provide support for newly established communities once normalcy is achieved.

"The needs of Zimbabweans will continue for many years and it is essential to provide a solid base upon which to build their futures," Elsie continues. "All donations to the trust are applied entirely for the benefit of those we seek to assist."

The concert at Farm Street Church by the Arundel Voices of Zimbabwe in support of the A to Z Trust will be held on Wednesday, 9 February, starting at 7pm.  Tickets @ £10 can be bought in advance (contact@atoztrust.org) or on the door.  

To see the singers performing see: www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-Js7WA_h6Y

For more information on the A-Z Trust visit: www.atoztrust.org/home.html

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