Archbishop Romero Lecture 2011

Fr Juan Hernández Pico,  Central American Jesuit theologian and social scientist,  will be giving this year\s Archbishop Romero Lecture in London, Salford, Newscastle and Edinburgh in March.

Fr Juan lived through the Romero years, the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and the traumas of the indigenous peoples of Guatemala to whom he has served as a committed pastor. He was a close friend and colleague of the six Jesuit martyrs.   

He  has written a number of books of social and political analysis of Central America and the struggle of Christian communities for justice and peace. Fr Juan is currently a professor of theology at the Jesuit University in San Salvador.

His lecture will be entitled: 'Romero and the Social Gospel - the challenge for us today'. It takes place on the following dates:

Tuesday 22 March 22 at 7pm - St Peter & Paul Church, Pendleton, Salford

Wednesday 23 March  at 7.30pm  - Lauriston Centre, Sacred Heart Church, Edinburgh

Thursday 24 March  at 7.00pm - St Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle  

Saturday 26 March  at 11am  - St Martin-in-the- Fields, Trafalgar Square, London as part of an ecumenical service to mark the 31st anniversary of Archbishop Romero’s martyrdom

The 2011 lectures are organised by the Archbishop Romero Trust in association with CAFOD, Pax Christi, Christian Aid,  Progressio, Lauriston Centre, J & P Westminster and Hexham & Newcastle.

For more information see: Romero Lecture 2011

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