Chance to take part in euthanasia debate

Channel 4 are giving you the opportunity to voice your views on a series of short films about euthanasia, which are being shown on Channel 4 next week.

Next week ‘’ are exploring attitudes towards euthanasia, and asking whether it should be legalised in Britain.

The 90 second films will be airing after the news every evening on Channel 4 (around 7.55pm) next week. Viewers can then share their own thoughts and feelings about euthanasia, respond to the individual films and reply to other viewer comments on their website.

Channel 4 are interested in all thoughts related to the films, whether you agree with the speaker or strongly oppose what they say, and hope people will also share personal views and and experiences.

This is a great opportunity to make your views known on such an important issue. For more information:

Source: Care Not Killing Alliance

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