Remembering Brian Hanrahan - old boy of St Ignatius

Brian Hanrahan

Brian Hanrahan

Many tributes are being  paid to BBC correspondent, Brian Hanrahan, who has died at the age of 61.  In addition to his media colleagues, teachers and pupils at his old school St Ignatius, based at that time at Stamford Hill, have also been remembering him.

Father Peter Willcocks SJ, who was in the same class as Brian Hanrahan's elder brother, Tom, has been recalling the family. "Tom and I shared studies all through elementary school and the college and we were very good friends - in fact we are still in contact.  We lived not far apart and I often visited him at home so got to know the family."

Brian was ten years Peter's junior so at that time they didn't see much of each other. "The first time I can remember having a conversation with him was when he asked my advice about getting into Essex University," reflects Fr Willcocks. "After that I saw him occasionally when visiting Tom.  I can remember one occasion when he was back from the Falklands: fame had not gone to his head and he came across as quite unassuming.

"The last time I met Brian Hanrahan was when he came to St Ignatius College while I was teaching there.  He was just back from Russia and gave a fascinating talk to the Sixth Form on his experiences, together with advice about getting into TV journalism.  Again he came across as a very pleasant person, anxious to help."

Source: Jesuits Comms/BBC

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