Glasgow: children's poems reflect on the Nativity

Children from P6/5 class group

Children from P6/5 class group

Advent is a time for quiet reflection. A group of children from St Mungo's Primary School in Glasgow have been thinking about many different aspects of the Nativity story -  from imagining the night sky and stars over Bethlehem to the tired Kings after their long journey, the Shepherds and the scene in the stable with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  The children went on to compose this thoughtful collection of poems, which we are publishing below. Many thanks to their teacher Ms Noreen O'Donnell for sending them to us.

Baby   Jesus

Born holy
A happy baby
Bright eyes
Yet needs Mary

Jesus is His name
Everybody loves Him
Shepherds bring lambs
Sent by God the Father

Adam  Storrie


Angel Gabriel came down from heaven
Now over two thousand years ago
Gabriel asked Mary
Exceptional question
“Let it happen”, she said

Holly Cheng


Angels come down from above
Needing to tell the shepherds
God is born in a manger
Everybody rejoices
Lets go to visit Him
Songs are sung

Jessica Heron

Jesus is Born

Jesus is born
Everybody celebrates
So tiny and small
Under the hay
Sitting in a stable

Inside a crib
Silently sleeping

Bethlehem is busy
Over the sky are angels
Round the hills are shepherds
Nearly there, are the Wise Men

Declan  Reilly

Mother Mary

Mary, the mother of Jesus
Our mother as well
Trying to look after the baby
Helping to keep Him warm
Even feeding Him
Rushing when He cries

Many people visit Him
And bring gifts
Really happy to see Him
Young, new king

Shivwani  Khana


Christmas is a time to celebrate
His birth is a miracle
Right in the middle of Bethlehem
In a stable
So dark and cold
Three wise men brought gifts
Mary, His mother smiled
Angels surrounded Him
Shepherds came to visit

Eva Mertens


Christmas, the day Jesus was born
Hail the baby king
Royal and beautiful
Instantly glorious
So small and gorgeous
Tiny little hands
Much black hair
And teensy wee toes
So adorable

Teigan  Morrison


Christmas is the birth of Jesus
Happy is Mary
Respecting Jesus as God
In the stable in Bethlehem
Some people visit Him
The shepherds bow
Many sheep lie down
Angels sing in the sky
Soon the Wise Men come

Patrick Coombes


Christmas Day, Jesus was born
How happy everybody is
Remembering a great day
In Bethlehem
So long ago
The shepherds came to visit
Mary was His mother
Angels sang songs
Sleeping baby in the manger

Michelle Sibanda


Christmas is here
Here in our houses
Radiant star in the sky
Incredible lights everywhere
Shimmering stars through the night
Terrific celebrations
Masses are being said
Amazing happiness
Such a brilliant time

Emma Anderson


Christians everywhere celebrate
How baby Jesus was born
Round the whole world
In every corner
Sailing on the seas
Top of every mountain
Middle of the hills
Ah! A baby boy was born
Saviour of the world

James King


Christ is born
Hail the baby king
Respect Jesus as God
Innocent wee baby
Sleeping in a crib
Thank Him for coming
Mary loves us too
Angels sing happy songs
Saviour of the world

Brooke Ryan


Christ was born
Here in Bethlehem
Right inside a stable
In a manger
Shepherds visited
The kings brought gifts
Mary His mother smiled
Angels sang songs
So very happy

Aimee MacDonald

Three Wise Men

Travelled very far
Holding presents carefully
Riding on camels
Everybody tired
Everyone excited

Welcomed by Mary and Joseph
In the stable
So happy to see them
Everybody delighted

Many servants with them
Elegant clothes
Now bowing to Baby Jesus

Graham Taylor


Christmas is a special day
Heaven came to Bethlehem
Royal baby was born
In a little stable
So many years ago
The baby king laughed
Mary cuddled Him
And Joseph watched
So long ago

Julie  Davis


A brilliant night
Never knew anything like it
God is with us
Even here today
Love is His message
So we obey Him

Kayleigh McLeod


Christ was born
Happiness for everyone
Respected by all
Important to people around the world
Sacrificed for us
Taught us the ways of God
Marvellous miracles for people
Advises us how to be good
Saviour of the world

Scott Neary

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