Redeeming Our Communities

Debra Green

Debra Green

Debra Green,  founding director of Redeeming Our Communities (ROC) was guest speaker at an evening reception in the House of Commons hosted by Christians in Parliament on Tuesday.

Founded in 2004,  with outlets and partnerships in ten cities across the UK,  ROC is a national charity which aims to promote community transformation by bringing together churches, police, fire service, local authorities, community groups, and thousands of volunteers on projects serving the needs of the local community. While firmly rooted in Christian values, ROC does not aim to evangelise - except through example - and works with people of all faiths and none.

ROC projects include;  Community Cafés, Sports Projects, street work, community events, volunteering, supporting the vulnerable and community courses. This approach has seen crime fall and fresh hope brought to some of the bleakest parts of the UK.

Debra said she drew particular inspiration for the project from reading the book of the prophet  Nehemiah - cupbearer to the King - a modest but influential figure who understood how society worked, and went to the King to ask for resources to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

 "Its not just a case of showing concern" she said. "one has to do do something practical and ask for help". Debra said prayer was fundamental to the  work: "Nehemiah wept and prayed for 40 days" .. "he consulted with the people and listened and .. he completed the work". "The biggest thing about prayer is that it changes us", she said,"and God is going to give us the inspiration we need to complete our work."  

In the light of the current economic climate and the government's emphasis on the Big Society, the Redeeming Our Communities model could not be more timely.

The event was held in the State Rooms of Speaker's House, by kind permission of the Speaker to the House of Common, Rt Hon John Bercow MP. Guests included MPs clergy and parliamentary staff.

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