Christian students praise non-violent tuition fees protests

SCM group campaigning against child poverty earlier this year

SCM group campaigning against child poverty earlier this year

The Student Christian Movement has praised the actions of students across the country engaged in nonviolent occupations and protests, ahead of Thursday's vote on Higher Education funding.    

Tim Stacey, an SCM member and student at the university of York, said: "The proposed changes to education funding are incompatible with Jesus' radical message of inclusivity and justice, and will deter students from poorer backgrounds from applying to university and benefiting from the opportunities that higher education brings."

Hilary Topp, National Coordinator of the Student Christian Movement said: "The proposed increases in tuition fees will have a catastrophic impact on future generations of students and today's students should be applauded for their selfless actions."  

The Student Christian Movement believes that the government should be striving to make universities more accessible to every person who aspires to higher education, regardless of income or background.

 The Student Christian Movement is an ecumenical student-led movement 'passionate about faith and justice'.  SCM brings students together to explore how to live out the Christian faith in today's world. For more information see:

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