Products from Belarus Convent coming to UK Christmas markets

Convent of St Elizabeth, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Convent of St Elizabeth, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Beautiful handicrafts and icons made the Sisters of the Christian Orthodox Convent of St Elizabeth in Minsk, in the Republic of Belarus are on sale at the South Bank Traditional Christmas Market, which runs until 23 December by the London Eye (stall No.42.) They will also be coming to Canterbury, Cirencester, Winchester and Oxford throughout Advent.

The Sisters serve in the National Psychiatric Hospital boarding caring for mentally challenged adults and children. The mission of the Convent is to provide spiritual and social help to the sick and the suffering.

The Convent runs a homestead located 19 miles from Minsk. It helps drug and alcohol addicts as well as socially vulnerable persons tackle their problems and provides the homeless with shelter and care.

Numerous workshops and studios operate within the Convent. These include an icon-painting studio, sewing and embroidery shops, candle workshop, wood-carving and blacksmith workshops. The Convent’s activities also include religious education and publishing.

To support and develop the above spiritual and social ministries the sisters offer products from the workshops at different fairs and markets.

Items on offer are: souvenirs such as lacquer box, matryoshka, birchbark box, decorative eggs; ceramics (bells, candle-holders, mugs, tea-light holders, Christmas cribs,Christmas decorations; wood carvings; religious articles (alabaster crosses, plastic and leather crosses, prayer ropes; books and book covers; post cards and bookmarks;  candles; icons; video and audio discs; embroidered items.

They are also coming to:

- Canterbury Traditional Christmas Market; Nov 19 - Dec 23; Whitefriars Square and Clock Tower Square, Canterbury;
- Winchester Christmas Market; Nov 25 - Dec 19; Winchester Cathedral;
- Cirencester Christmas Market; Dec 04 - 19; Cirencester's Market Place;
- Oxford Christmas Market; Nov 26 - Dec 12; Oxford Castle;
- Belfast Christmas Continental Market; Nov 20 - Dec 19; City Hall, Belfast.

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