Prayers for UN Climate Change conference

Green Christians are being urged to pray for a successful outcome to the United Nations Climate Change conference, taking place this fortnight in Cancun, Mexico.

A message titled 'To All Our Churches' is being circulated by Christian Ecology Link, highlighting the interfaith prayer meeting in Cancun itself tomorrow, 30 November, and the annual London Climate March on 4th December, which is being preceded by a prayer meeting in a church near Hyde Park Corner.

Environmental members of the faith community are asked to pass the request on to their church and prayer leaders, to join together in praying for the best from the international negotiations.

Ministers and pastors at local places of worship are invited to raise the profile of the Cancun talks with their congregations, and invite them to bring their concerns collectively to God on 5 December during their weekly meetings.

The text of the message being circulated reads as follows :-

To All Our Churches

Prayers for the Planet at Cancun
This Tuesday, 30 November 2010, at 5pm, an interfaith group of thousands will be meeting in prayer in Cancun, Mexico, asking God for a positive, fruitful outcome to the United Nations Climate Change talks.

Catholic Christians, Evangelical Christians, other Christian groups and the Jewish community will gather in the Plaza de la Reforma Square to raise their cries to Heaven for divine intervention.

The prayers will be to ask for guidance, so that mankind assumes responsibility for the protection of Mother Earth, and to ask for support for the delegates to the conference, so they can maintain a peaceful atmosphere of cooperation during the talks. People are being asked to wear white clothes when coming to pray :-

Pray. It's something most of us do at some point in our lives. From the scared "help me !" in times of emergency, to the long meditations of the monks, asking our "higher powers" of choice for recognition and assistance is a very common human activity.

It's becoming very apparent that Climate Change is a real and dangerous threat to the living conditions of many of our fellow men, women and children, and even our own. The science is ever more demonstrated by the evidence, and the projections are annually confirmed. The year 2010 looks like it's going to be the hottest on record, the last decade has been the warmest ever, and each decade of the last century has been hotter than the one before

Extreme weather events are becoming the warning chimes of Climate Change - records keep overtaking themselves, and as each new record is broken, it increases the likelihood that it will become the norm in future. We don't want the human race to end up "flooded, starving and broke". We want a better future :-

This Saturday, 4th December at 11am in London, England, there will be a prayer service and talk for all those about to take part in the annual Climate Change March to demonstrate support for strong political action on clean energy and green jobs. If you are in London, please come along to the Church of the Annunciation, Bryanston Street W1H 7AH, even if you do not feel you can march with the demonstrators

If you cannot make this service, please remember to include the state of the world's environment and the Climate Change negotiations in your church meeting prayers on Sunday, 5th December 2010.

Thank you and God bless you.

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