Glasgow: Archbishop speaks out over refugee evictions

Archbishop Mario Conti

Archbishop Mario Conti

Archbishop Conti has denounced plans to remove 600 families of asylum seekers from their homes in Glasgow and resettle them elsewhere.  

In a message of support for a demonstration held at the weekend, the Archbishop wrote of his "firm opposition to plans to remove 600 families of asylum seekers from their homes in Glasgow."  

The Archbishop continued: "The human cost of this decision is horrendous, and will involve children being uprooted from schools where they are flourishing, a return to the anguish of the unknown for people already bearing a heavy burden of fear and the wanton destruction of communities which have grown up in recent years as Glasgow has successfully welcomed asylum seekers and refugees.  

"There must be a solution to the financial issues behind this decision which does not involve such human suffering. I call upon the UK Government, the Scotland Office and the Home Office to call a halt to this dreadful decision which, if allowed to stand, will cause untold distress and pain.  

"A society should be judged by the way in which it treats its most vulnerable citizens. Few of our fellow Glaswegians are as vulnerable as those brothers and sisters of ours who have come to the city as asylum seekers.  Their dignity and rights cannot be trampled upon without doing damage to our best traditions of care and compassion.  

"It is not too late to stop the evictions.  Safeguarding human dignity is imperative."
Source: SCMO

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