Most student demonstrators were not violent

Dear ICN

I was one of those students marching in protest against the government's plans to increase tuition fees. I  am a Catholic and went with a group of  Christian friends. We said a quick prayer before we set out and I can assure you none of us was violent. More to the point we didn't see any violence. What the media reports are forgetting is that there were so many students marching - people at the middle or the end hardly realised there had been any trouble until we got home and saw the news.

What we were marching about was the future of this country. The student fees we pay now are already  putting us hugely in debt. Course have not been devised yet to take in to account the fact that many students have to work during term time, and many of us are struggling now to study and work.  If these increases come into forces many people will just not go to university any more . And what a scandal that will be!

I think it is a crime that our government is spending billions on the Trident missile system but does not think it is worth educating young people.

Anna Bacon

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