End Child Detention campaigner wins second journalism prize

Journalist Clare Sambrook, a contributor to ICN,  who won the 2010 Paul Foot Award last week, has now collected the Bevins Prize for Investigative Journalism Rat Up a Drainpipe trophy for 2010, for her reports on the website openDemocracy and its UK section, OurKingdom.
Clare said:  "Anthony Bevins set a terrific example of journalism keeping a distance from  power, finding his own stories with tenacity and a sense of mischief. I am stunned to find my name linked to his. This is especially welcome to the  campaign at a time when the government has completely reneged on its commitment to end child detention."
Anthony Barnett, her editor on the UK section of openDemocracy, OurKingdom said: “Journalism is going to be improved by the best of the web, as shown by Clare’s brilliant writing and sharp and brave reporting. She shows that an outsider with a mind of her own, supported by a great team at 'End Child Detention Now' can produce really effective reporting of the highest standards, in a tradition that goes back to William Cobbett.”
Clare is part of the campaign to End Child Detention Now. See her latest article published on Monday this week, here: www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/clare-sambrook/uk-governments-slippery-response-on-moral-outrage-of-child-detention

See also:   http://ecdn.org

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