Ten Ten Theatre needs your vote

Ten Ten Theatre, the UK's leading Catholic theatre in education company has been shortlisted for a film award, and appealed for ICN readers to vote for them.

ENTER THE PITCH is a competition being run by The Bible Society.  They are looking for contemporary film ideas with a biblical basis.  Ten Ten has produced a two-minute trailer for 'On Eagle’s Wings”'


“On Eagle’s Wings” is a powerful, contemporary drama.  Five years ago Fr Terry McNally, a Roman Catholic priest in an inner-city parish in Liverpool, was betrayed by the community he loved and knew so well.  Leaving ministry and turning his back on his faith, Terry is confronted by a ghost from his past. Curtis Lynch, a member of Terry's youth group all those years ago and one of the key figures behind Terry's departure, has turned up on his doorstep after stabbing someone. He needs Terry's help. He needs Terry to be a priest once more.

You can view the trailer and background information by visiting the Ten Ten Films website www.tententheatre.co.uk/film/index.html

From there simply go to the ENTER THE PITCH website and register. You will need to watch at least six two-minute films (including ON EAGLE'S WINGS again) and vote for three films. Don't forget to vote for Ten Ten theatre! This whole process will take about 15-20 minutes. If you don't have time to do it in one go, you can start the process, then come back to it later.  The deadline for votes is Sunday 21 November.

Director Martin O'Brien says: "Please let others know about this through your social networking contacts.  You can keep updated with development of our work on our new Facebook page. Thanks for your support!"


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