Canada: Catholic Church distances itself from 'weeping statue'

'weeping statue'

'weeping statue'

A 'weeping statue' in front of a house in Windsor, Ontario, has been attracting large traffic-blocking crowds in recent days. The Diocese of  London, Ontario has now issued a short statement. They say: "We have had numerous inquiries and questions about the validity of the claim and any future action we may take.
"At this time, the Diocese is not in a position to approve or disapprove the claim. Since the individual making the claim is a member of the Orthodox Christian Church, not Roman Catholic, it would not fall within our jurisdiction to investigate it.
"Catholics should practise caution when hearing such claims and parishes are advised not to promote or bring groups to visit the statue at this time. There are many sanctuaries and shrines devoted to Mary in Canada, including our own Our Lady of the Rosary Shrine in nearby Merlin.

The outpouring of interest reminds us of the need people have to reflect and express their faith. A helpful document on this topic was just published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops entitled, “Popular Piety in Canada: Reflections on Some Popular Expressions of the Faith.”

To read the document see:

Many thanks to John Renaud from Canadian Catholic Radio for alerting us to this story.

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