Archbishop Conti commemorates Scottish Reformation

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Archbishop  Mario Conti took part in the commemorations today (3 November) of the 450th anniversary of the Reformation in Scotland. The Archbishop welcomed the First Minister, Alex Salmond, to a conference in Edinburgh and take part in a service at St Giles Cathedral and a reception at Edinburgh Castle.

Archbishop Conti said: “I am honoured to open the conference marking the 450th anniversary of the Reformation Parliament of 1560, a convenient date by which to mark in Scotland the Reformation itself. The impact of the reformation on Scottish history and culture was enormous. And while, as a Catholic Archbishop, I can hardly ‘celebrate’ the event, it is right that we should all mark it as a decisive moment in our nation’s story. It is a very positive sign of the times that these events have been envisaged and arranged by the Joint Commission on Doctrine of the Church of Scotland and the Roman Catholic Church.

“Enormous strides have been made in relations between the churches, and that ecumenical impulse was strengthened by the recent visit of the Pope. I hope that these commemorations can remind all Christians of the great legacy we share and the need to continually strive for the unity which Christ himself willed for his Church.”
The Cardinal also reminded those present that it was important to pray for all those who have died, saying:  "It's good to be reminded that in the first week of November the Church grants special indulgences to those who pray for loved ones who have died as follows:

From November 1-8 a plenary indulgence applicable only to the souls in purgatory, is granted to the faithful who devoutly visit a cemetery and pray, even if only mentally, for the departed. In the words of The Servant of God, Pope John Paul II…“it is the pious tradition during these days for the faithful to go visit the graves of their dear ones and to pray for them.”

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