Plymouth: Christian campaigners join anti-Trident vigil

Anti-nuclear campaigners from as far as Switzerland have been arriving in Plymouth this weekend for a non-violent and peaceful blockade of Devonport Dockyard beginning at 6am on Monday (1 November)  called by the Plymouth-based Trident Ploughshares group, The Tamarians.

A local church is offering accommodation to people who have come long distances.  One person has walked from London to Plymouth in order to attend. Groups represented include Christian CND, Pax Christi, environmentalists, and several parishes.
Tamarians member John Robb described them as “working and educated citizens united
against a useless and dumb waste of money.”
The campaigners would like to stress to the beleaguered people of Plymouth that they are “anti-Trident, not anti-dockyard”.
The Tamarians argue that the only way to ‘Save Our Dockyard’ is to 'cut out the cancerous growth that is Trident'.  They point to a recent report that shows that Trident costs more jobs than it creates.  They say nuclear weaponry is poison for the soul, and Trident is poison for the people of Plymouth, who deserve a better legacy than a radioactive one. The world-class skills of the work-force in the dockyard could multiply, and inspire the World if they were put to green and sustainable ends, they say.  Rather than ever dwindling and ever riskier nuclear work, maintaining an illegal and useless relic from last century.
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