Justice and Peace work at parish level

I was a little concerned to read the speech by Archbishop Peter Smith which seemed to suggest that Justice and Peace workers in parishes around the country are not pulling their weight. But then I read his speech again and I don't think he was criticising us. Perhaps the whole church needs to become more involved. And perhaps we need to get the media more aware of our work too. What a marvellous witness was given when all the faith leaders went to Downing Street to urge the government not to go war on Iraq.

I am now retired but since my days at university I took part in Justice and Peace activities in the parishes where I lived in Yorkshire and in London. I  still participate in events organised by CAFOD, Pax Christi and the SVP and some events organised by my Anglican, Methodist, Quaker and non-Christian neighbours too - whether praying, campaigning in parishes, schools and high street or fundraising. In every parish I have been in  the J&P group has not been large, but a few dedicated  people have done a great deal of work and continue to do so. We are driven by our faith which impells us to act on issues of justice and peace.

Iris O'Neil, Harrogate

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