Progressio welcomes Government confirmation of 0.7% aid pledge

International development charity Progressio today welcomed the announcement by the Chancellor in the Comprehensive Spending Review confirming that Official Development Assistance (ODA) will rise to 0.7% of Gross National Income from 2013.

Progressio's Executive Director, Christine Allen said: "This commitment is good news for the millions of people worldwide for whom the UK's support means the difference between lives of poverty and lives of fulfilment and security. At a time when most areas of government spending are reducing, this renewed commitment could not be taken for granted and is to be welcomed."

As well as taking decisions on spending, the Government is currently reviewing many aspects of how its overseas aid is spent, in part with the aim of increasing the impact and accountability of its work.

Progressio's Advocacy Manager, Tim Aldred said: "The UK is recognised as a global leader in the fight against poverty.With the security of funding established today, we hope that the Department for International Development will be able to renew its long term commitment to addressing both the causes and the symptoms of poverty."

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