St Mary MacKillop is also a Kiwi saint

Mary MacKillop, who has been canonised in Rome today, is as much a Kiwi saint as she is an Aussie one,  a Brother of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in Wellington,  Aotearoa,  New Zealand writes:

Expansion (of the Josephites) into New Zealand began in 1883 in Temuka - Canterbury province, South Island, ( or as South Islanders prefer - the Mainland !), teaching being the main occupation. Temuka became the base for the charismatic Mother Mary during her visits to New Zealand, which amounted to two years in all. She spent many months cooking meals at her tiny Arrowtown ( Otago goldfields ) to help the fledgling community. When she was ill her Sisters in New Zealand wanted her to stay here and go to Rotorua to appreciate the healthy thermal spa waters but she was ordered back to Sydney.

The 'Brown Joes' - the Josephite Sisters became one of the most prominent teaching orders in New Zealand and their emphasis was always towards the poor, offering free education, rather than those who could afford, as one Marist Priest desired, the need for a "superior order" that could teach in "select" schools such "accomplishments as drawing, needlework, foreign languages, and instrumental music."
(Just in case: Aotearoa is the accepted Maori name for New Zealand. We are officially a bi-lingual Country).

Br Graham-Michoel Brandreth Wills, SHJ

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