Schoolchildren show big hearts for CAFOD

St Vincent's children display heart-shaped presents

St Vincent's children display heart-shaped presents

Pupils from St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School in Marylebone, central London, put their hearts into raising money for CAFOD last week, to help change people’s lives for the better.

The children made heart shaped goods to sell at a special ‘Put Your Heart Into It’ Sale as part of CAFOD’s special Harvest Fast Day appeal.

Miss Coleman, Headteacher said: “This Harvest appeal reflects the theme of Pope Benedict’s recent visit, ‘heart speaks to heart’, which confirmed our commitment to those living in poverty.  Pupils at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School will be putting their hearts into it this Harvest Fast Day and doing something to help others around the world.”

“Pupils have had a great time being creative whilst making their heart shaped goods and knowing that they are helping others less fortunate than themselves.

As part of their Harvest preparations, the children have been learning about eight year old Eric and his sister Julienne from Rwanda, who despite losing their parents, have come together with other orphans in their village to start a successful business.  Eric and his seven brothers and sisters were left to fend for themselves when their parents died but with CAFOD’s help, they are building a new life for themselves.  The appeal is casting a spotlight on Rwanda as an example of how CAFOD’s long term support is enabling people to lead fuller productive lives.

Ivy Johnson, CAFOD volunteer said “The children have  been really inspired and touched by Eric and his family’s story. It’s a great opportunity for the children to recognise that they are part of one global family, and that by being compassionate and helping others they can make the world a better place, reducing poverty and overcoming injustice.”

Regional Manager for CAFOD in Westminster Diocese, Tony Sheen said: "I’m always humbled by the generosity and creative spirit of young people, whose efforts play such a big part in ensuring CAFOD’s vital work can continue.   We would like to take this opportunity to thank St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School and all the other schools in the area who are supporting CAFOD this week.   Whether their help comes in the form of a generous donation or in taking action to support our campaigns to improve the lives of the poorest, these young people have really made a difference to families all over the world like Eric’s.  It’s so important to continue with this work so that those people who don’t make the news headlines are not forgotten - and can be supported in achieving their full potential."

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