'Chile is experiencing a Day of Passover'

The name of God has been repeated again and again at Camp Hope since Wednesday morning, as each miner has been brought to the surface and reunited with their families. The sign of the cross and grateful prayers have marked each moment of Operation 'San Lorenzo', named after the deacon and martyr, patron saint of miners.

In a statement last night, after  the 29th miner was hauled up and released from the rescue capsule,  the Chilean Bishops Conference said that prayer vigils will continue across the country until the last miner has been rescued.  And after that, the bishops have invited the community to "stay in prayer and give thanks to the God of life, for this moment we are witnessing Easter."

Source: Chilean Bishops Conference

Note: Church bells rang across Chile each time a miner was rescued, At 9.56pm local time (2.56am GMT)  the last miner, shift leader Luis Urzua emerged safely from the capsule. Shortly after midnight the last of the rescue workers also left.

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