Liverpool: Catholics in Healthcare annual lecture and Mass

Mr Jim McManus, Joint Director of Public Health for Birmingham City Council and Birmingham Primary Care Trusts, will address Healthcare Workers in the Gibberd Room of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, on Sunday, 17 October at 2pm.  The Annual Address and the Mass which follows are open to all who work in the Healthcare sector and those who wish to show their gratitude and support for them in prayer.

Jim McManus, who is also a member of the Healthcare Reference Group of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, said: "The Holy Father's recent visit reminds us we are an important contributor to society, and to healthcare.  We need to explore how Catholics can recover a strong voice in healthcare which is trusted to have healthcare's deepest values at its core.  This is a challenging time for most healthcare workers.  As Catholics we have a strong contribution of hope and values to make to the healthcare debate.  If the Holy Father's visit leaves us with anything, it leaves us with a renewed call to engage in and contribute to every sphere of public health.  For Catholic Healthcare workers that is about doing our job to the best of our ability."

Following the address Jim will respond to questions before a break during which those present can view an exhibition of some of the resources available for healthcare workers through Catholics in Healthcare.  The Mass will be celebrated at 4.30 pm by Bishop Tom Williams, Auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, and Chair of the Bishops' Conference Healthcare Reference Group.   He said: "Jim has written documents for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales for the last seven years and has made a wonderful contribution to our understanding and integrity as Catholics in Healthcare.  I am sure that this will come through in his lecture, and I am deeply grateful for all he does.  He is certainly worth listening to."

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