'Introduction to Ethics' Day at Heythrop College

‘Ethics’ and ‘morality’ have become part of our every day vocabulary. What exactly do these words signify? What do politicians, preachers and teachers as well as business, media and medical professionals imply when they use them? What does it mean to be good and to do the right thing? What is the good life?

A one day course  at Heythrop College on 22 October will introduce you to the way ‘ethics’ as an academic discipline (rather than a popular understanding of it) addresses these questions. By referring to selected thinkers and ideas in ethical theory, it will take you beyond what is often perceived as ethics (i.e. codes of conduct, laws and judgements). It will help you learn how to formulate basic moral arguments in one of the three contexts of human activity: business, medicine and natural environment.

Speakers will be Dr Gerard J Hughes SJ, from Campion Hall, Oxford on Why be moral? Dr Anna Abram and Dr Nicholas Austin SJ, from Heythrop College on Moral Decision Making. Under the heading of: Practical Ethical Approaches, Dr Helen Costigane SHCJ, Dr Agneta Sutton, and Dr Peter Coughlan will speak on:  Business, Medicine and Natural Environment.

Being Good and Doing Right - A one day course on ethics takes place at Heythrop College, University of London, Kensington Square, London W8 5HN, on Friday,  22 October from 10am – 4.45pm.

Cost: £75 (Heythrop Alumni: £25)

Attendance certificates can be issued upon request.

To book a place please send your full name and address in an email to Dr Anna Abram: a.abram@heythrop.ac.uk with ’22 October Ethics Day’ as header. Places are limited.

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