Film: The Kid

Rupert Friend

Rupert Friend

Last night the Odeon Leicester Square hosted the London Premiere of The Kid starring Rupert Friend as Kevin Lewis. The screenplay is based on the true story of a boy growing up in a violent and dysfunctional family on a Croydon council estate in the '80s. Kevin Lewis's book "The Kid" was a best seller and the film looks set to become an award winner.

Kylie Mynogue on behalf of the NSPCC, followed by director Moran and Kevin Lewis introduced the film with moving speeches. Kevin Lewis recounted how a life beset with difficulty can come good, and that is why he feels proud to be able to acknowledge his journey and pass the hope on.

I went to this event, steeling myself in advance for the violence. It is remarkably piece of direction in this regard. It is there, but sensitively defected in an Hitchcockian style, which convinces you of the appalling experiences Kevin endures, without resorting to visceral realism. Moran uses flashbacks and slow motion footage to play out the disturbing scenes, which combined with Kevin's love of classical music as the score , lifts this vital trajectory to an even more powerful intensity . The Kid is not a " misery memoir ". It is a film of hope which charts a helpless child, rescued by good, decent people,  failed by some, but ultimately overcoming adversity and finding love . It's a 'must see' film !

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