London: Papal flags on The Mall

Papal flags on The Mall

Papal flags on The Mall

Pope Benedict's plane is due to touch down at Edinburgh International Airport in a few minutes. We will be posting up more reports of his visit as they come in. In the meantime on her way to work this morning, Sister Janet Fearns FMDM, Communications Coordinator with Missio sent us the first pictures of Papal flags going up in the Mall.

During Pope Benedict's visit, there will be two occasions to see him as he travel in the Popemobile through the streets of central London.

The first is on the early evening of Friday 17 September when he travels from Lambeth Palace to Westminster Hall via Lambeth Bridge and Millbank. The second is on the early evening of Saturday 18 September when he is going to the Vigil in Hyde Park. This route is along Horse Guards Road, The Mall, Constitution Hill, Hyde Park Corner and Hyde Park. On Friday there will be limited space and vantage points. The Saturday route is fuller and more easily accessible.

The dedicated website: , is carrying updated information and will ‘stream’ the Visit in its entirety.

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