Hoodie blogger follows Papal Visit

Claz Gomez

Claz Gomez

Claz Gomez, a parishioner in the Diocese of Westminster, has dedicated the past few weeks to following the papal visit avidly, acting as the young person communications officer for our diocese.

Wearing her Pope Benedict XVI hoodie,  Claz is due to follow the Pope as he travels around the UK; starting in Scotland's railway stations, right back down to London and then finally ending her tour in Cofton Park for Cardinal Newman's Beatification.

"It's going to be a very long weekend! I don't plan on sleeping, and I'm sure my themed hoodies will be worn out by the end of it." says Claz. "I have my Pilgrim Pack ready, and I can't wait - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I can't wait to share it with everyone."

World Youth Day 2008

Claz's journey begun when she was invited to get involved with sharing her experience over the course of the Papal Visit by the diocese following her involvement with World Youth Day in Sydney in 2008.

"I think that the reason I became a young papal communications co-ordinator in the first place was because I said yes to the request for World Youth Day in Sydney and they mentioned about using media to capture the spirit of youth day."

"I have a background in multi-media studies and some other experience, so I said I would do some video and create that at the end of it."

It was thanks to her experience with World Youth Day, as with many other young pilgrims, that Claz decided to get involved with the Papal Visit and has been part of creating a buzz around the events for the last few weeks.

"It was because of my [World Youth Day] experience and how much I enjoyed that, just being able to capture memories, I thought it would be really nice to engage in that again during this Papal Visit, as its in our country and the exciting fact is now I can do a lot more."

Message to Young People

While it may not always be publicised, Claz feels there is a real positive feeling surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Britian.

Claz herself is buzzing with energy and the spirit of the event.

"There is so much that is positive about the visit. If you divide it into the events themselves - you have the Pope going to Scotland and addressing the scottish people," says Claz.

"They may have different points of view than we do here in England, but the fact he is visiting us both is amazing. It's a shame he isn't visiting Wales, but I understand there are time restraints and the Pope isn't 20 anymore!"

During the Pope's visit he will spend some time focusing on the youth, in Westminster the young people will gather in the piazza as the Pope celebrates mass. Claz feels this is a key aspect of the visit.

"It is great he is addressing youth. You're going to have a message to these young people to which, I feel, that they can connect with in some sort of way."

"The message of the Gospel is one of love and that is somethng every human being strives to achieve and that will touch many, many young people. The message to young people is one of the most positive aspects that I'm really really looking forward to!"

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