Pocket edition of Newman’s Meditations and Devotions

Cardinal Newman

Cardinal Newman

Baronius Press has announced the release of a new edition of Cardinal Newman’s Meditations and Devotions. The publication comes ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman in the Archdiocese of Birmingham on 19 September 2010.

Baronius Press’ editor in chief, Dr John Newton, who will be attending the beatification ceremony at Crofton Park, said: “We are delighted to be marking this historic event by the release of a new edition of The Meditations and Devotions of Cardinal Newman. Through this book Cardinal Newman speaks to us and guides us deeper into the mysteries of the Faith.”

The book contains a selection of prayers and meditations composed by Newman himself, which were compiled after his death. It is the only prayer book he composed.

The new edition contains a preface by Fr Jerome Bertram of the Oxford Oratory. The format follows other Baronius’ prayer books – freshly typeset, bound in leather with gilded edges. At 4”x 6” it is ideal for  those wanting to carry it at all times for meditation and prayer.

Simon Caldwell wrote in the Catholic Herald recently: 'With preparations to beatify Cardinal Newman gaining pace, there has been a sudden slew of books devoted to his life and writings to match rising public interest and to properly prepare Catholics in Britain and elsewhere for this historic event. The market appears a little saturated and for this reason it is gratifying to be able to recommend a real gem, that offers great insight into the soul of the esteemed Victorian theologian.

'Meditations and Devotions is a spiritual work and it consists of prayers and meditations written by the Cardinal at the Birmingham Oratory. The book begins with the oral and often repetitive prayers recited by the Cardinal in private before moving on to contemplative reflections on Our Lady.

'If at the time of the Beatification you would like to pray like Cardinal Newman then this may be just the book for you.'

For more details see: www.baroniuspress.com

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