Book Review: Science and Spirituality by Michael Ruse

Stephen Hawking’s assertion that God did not create the universe has captured headlines this week and has once more raised questions about the relationship between faith and science. Eminent British philosopher of science, Michael Ruse, sets out in his latest book to defend the reasonability of religious belief not just in spite of, but even because of, what modern science has to say.

Here is a convinced atheist who happens to be persuaded that belief in God is, nevertheless, a rationally valid and interesting conjecture. Damian Howard SJ reviews Science and Spirituality and discusses Ruse’s contribution to the faith-science debate.  To read Damian Howard's  full review on Thinking Faith see:

Science and Spirituality: Making Room for Faith in the Age of Science
by Michael Ruse, is published by Cambridge University Press, 2010
264 pages
ISBN: 9780521755948

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