Arab and Israeli pupils study together at Hand in Hand schools

Classmates at Hand in Hand school

Classmates at Hand in Hand school

Both Arab and Israeli students in Israel study at Hand in Hand schools -  and they study in both languages. These special schools are most unusual in Israel, especially in Jerusalem, where the two communities live in different parts of the city.

In each position of responsibility in the school, there are two people representing the different communities: two head teachers, and two teachers for each class. The pupils study in two languages, Arabic and Hebrew. This gives them a good knowledge and understanding of each others cultures, religions and history

Besides the Hand in Hand school in Jerusalem,  there are three more, at Misgav in Upper Galilee, in Bersheva, and in the Arab village of Wadi Ara, with a total number 900 pupils.

Next year in Jerusalem,  the first cycle of 'Hand in Hand' studies will be completed. Hand in Hand Schools, recognised by the Israeli Ministry of Education, are funded by local and international institutions and individual donations.

The 'Hand in Hand School' goal is to foster greater awareness among the new generations which can be summarised with the slogan ...'learning today how to change tomorrow.'

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