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Evangelisation - In the Service of the Transmission of Faith

That people, who are involved in the service and transmission of faith, may find, in their dialogue with culture, a language suited to the conditions of the present time.Prayer requests

For Mrs Donald Burch who has cancer.

For Karl, about to begin chemo, and all his family. May the treatment go well and may he make a complete recovery very soon.

The people of Yemen facing famine. May peace come and help reach them as soon as possible.

Ged Clapson RIP - See:

For Cardinal Vincent Nichols who is unwell

Fr Victor-Luke Odhiambo SJ murdered in South Sudan yesterday
For all victims of the attack on attack on the refugee camp and church in Central African Republic

A friend undergoing chemotherapy.

All victims of the California fires. For the people of Yemen.

For Elizabeth Somers, recovering at home after an accident and a stay in hospital.

For Jason's intentions

For Asia Bibi, her family. All those in prison for their faith and all those campaigning to free them

Thank God for freeing Asia Bibi

For a friend who is taking an important exam today

For the victims of the place crash in Indonesia

For Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and all victims of yesterday's helicopter crash in Leicester.

For all the victims of the Pittsburg synagogue attack and their loved ones.

A friend undergoing chemo.

Frank Stillwell - much-loved husband, father and grandfather. RIP.

#SaveAlkhanAlahmar For the families in this small village near the site of the Inn of the Good Samaritan which is being threatened with demolition by Israel today. The bulldozers have arrived. The Comboni Sisters helped build their school and clinic. Israeli and foreign peace groups are there trying a human barrier. I pray that no one is hurt and the Israelis have a heart and stop this. If the village is destroyed the families have been told they will be moved near a sewage plant.

For John who has had a severe stroke, and his family are heartbroken.

Kidnapped missionaries: Father Pierluigi Maccalli and

Kathleen Griffin (see: )

Jane, Rebecca, Andrew and John

For the thousands of people in Kerala affected by the monsoon and worst floods in living memory.

For George and Janet, Chuck and Shiny, Selaphiel and Tina, Raguel and Tessy, and Simon and Roshna.

Aretha Franklin RIP

Fr Dunstan Mellors CP RIP

For a friend taking an exam tomorrow.

For everyone caught up in the bridge collapse in Genoa

Fr John Abberton RIP

Fr Ed Houghton, who died in a car accident this month in 2009 - much loved young priest

For a friend making an anxious journey.

For a peaceful outcome after the elections in Zimbabwe
A single Mum embarking on a holiday with her children
For a young woman who is very disabled and has lost the person who was caring for her.
A friend struggling with anorexia.
A prayer of thanksgiving for the safe rescue of the young Thai footballers, their coach, and the emergency teams.

For all those who have died in the floods in Japan, and their loved ones

Martin RIP

For Maeve Pauline Ebisawa, Annabel Vondra, Pepin Vondra

For the diver who lost his life in Thailand during efforts to rescue the schoolboys trapped in the cave.

A prayer of thanksgiving for the Thai school children found safely in a cave after being missing for two weeks in serious floods - and prayers for their safe rescue now.

For Frank Stillwell - much-loved husband, father and grandfather, who is seriously ill in hospital

A friend seriously ill in hospital

For Annette recovering from knee operation.

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST! Extremists are now just 2km away from the base where missionaries Heidi and Rolland Baker are in Pemba, Mozambique. There have been attacks in the surrounding areas where villages have been burnt, people have been raped and large numbers of Christians are being beheaded. Here is a note from a lady who works closely with the ministry and a close friend of Surprise Sitole (who oversees Hiedi and Rolands 20,000 churches and who visited us with Surprise only a few days ago in Chertsey when Surprise came to minister at one of our events. Here is Susan'
s message: "I have just now received a message saying... Urgent urgent prayer alert out for Heidi and Roland Baker... staff have been evacuated... they only remain... terrorists are 2km away."
Iris ministries are responcilble for the conversion of around a million people to Christianity in the region.

For a friend in hospital struggling with depression.

The people of Gaza suffering severe shortage of food, water and electricity. Now under bombardment.

A good friend who is in danger of losing his home.
For all those unarmed protesters killed and injured in Gaza
For victims of the Singapore attacks

For victims of the attack in Toronto

Austen Saeki RIP, his wife Nan and family

Hadi Asgari, Iranian Christian just out of prison

Alfie Evans and his family
Roberto Bignoli RIP

For all Okky Teguh Ariyanto's intentions

Fr Chris Kelly who is ill

Cardinal Keith O'Brien RIP

For Sue who is quite ill in hospital.

Jonathan appeals for prayer for healing

Please pray for Patrick who has advanced Alzheimer and Muriel Mary who has cognitive impairment.

Stephen Hawking RIP
Jim Smith RIP
Please help prayer for Agilma Mitsuko Hasegawa, for Marcia Aiko Hasegawa and Jussara. Thanks

For John Berry who has had a serious stroke - and his family - that he makes a good recovery.

For someone struggling with mental illness

For all the people of Syria, Yemen, DR Congo and other war zones - especially people suffering in besieged areas.

For Timea Bozic's intention
For all Patrick Lloyd's intentions

For all victims of human trafficking

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