Irish bishop urges safety on roads

Bishop Liam McDaid,  Bishop of Clogher, appealed to all road users, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians in Ireland, to take special care of themselves and their loved ones over the Bank Holiday weekend.
Bishop MacDaid said: " the wake of the most serious Irish road accident on record in Donegal on 12 July last, I ask that we exercise particular vigilance in terms of our road safety responsibilities over the next three days.
"As individuals we have an obligation to exercise a real duty of care to other road users by improving our driver behaviour, and at a public policy level, this improved behaviour needs to be matched with effective strategic planning and greater resourcing.
"Care for one another in the community is a basic value which travels across different cultures and different religions.  This duty of care also applies to our road use and it is fundamental to the common good."
Bishop MacDaid recommends the following dedicated prayer for motorists which they may wish to pray before driving:
Prayer for motorists before driving:
Before I take my place behind the wheel
I pray, O Sacred Heart - Guide me on my way.    
Virgin Mary, Morning Star, from every danger guide this car.
Thou dear Lord who gave it to enjoy,
Grant that its purpose be to save and not destroy.

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