Scottish Bishop urges parishes to spread costs of Papal Mass

Bishop Tartaglia

Bishop Tartaglia

In a letter sent to all Priests of the Diocese of Paisley today, 26 July, Bishop Philip Tartaglia has described the Pope Benedict XVI’s Mass in Bellahouston Park in September as “a once-in-a-generation Mass with the Holy Father on Scottish soil.” He has also urged parishes to show innovation and imagination when it comes to raising funds to cover the considerable costs of the event so that they are spread across all parishioners in a way that will ensure that “all those who wish to attend can do so regardless of their means.”

Bishop Tartaglia advised his clergy that “the cost of the Bellahouston Park Mass will be in excess of £1 million, "costs which are mostly implied by the nature of the event itself and by the fact that 100,000 people are coming together in one place to meet with the Successor of Peter.”

The Bishop added: “A principle of the organisation was that costs should be shared evenly throughout Scotland to make it feasible for people to come from all parts. This act of solidarity with our Catholic brothers and sisters from throughout the country does not seem out of place for a once-in-a-generation Mass with the Holy Father on Scottish soil.”

Bishop Tartaglia concluded: “I think it is fair to regard your parishioners who go to Bellahouston Park as in some way representing your parish at the Papal Mass. I accept that you may not be able to meet the cost of your allocation from your ordinary parish budget. I therefore encourage you – and so many of you are so good at this – to organise a fundraising event or events to meet the cost of your allocation. I believe your parishioners would readily see the appropriateness of this so that the people from the parish can go to Mass with the Holy Father.”

Source: SCMO

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