Biblical billboards in Moscow, women priest appeal on London buses

A series of advertising hoardings, emblazoned with biblical quotations, has sprung up around Moscow this week - according to a report in the Moscow News. The signs, in red text on a yellow background feature mainly Old Testament quotations: “Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal” - are on one near the Tulskaya metro station.

At the junction of Proletarsky Prospekt and Kavkazsky Bulvar, a sign reads: “I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

The Orthodox Church has denied all knowledge of the signs. The advertising agency says the billboards were paid for by a private individual.

Meanwhile in London, campaigners for women's ordination have booked a poster to appear on ten London bus routes throughout September,  proclaiming: 'Pope Benedict Ordain Women Now'. According to the Tablet magazine, the group Catholic Women's Ordination (CWO),  paid about £10,000 for the campaign, planned to coincide with Pope Benedict's visit.

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