North London parish acts on global poverty

More than 600 parishioners from Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Enfield have written to the Prime Minister, asking him to Act on Global Poverty, as part of the new CAFOD Act on Poverty campaign.

Talks were given by the Justice and Peace group members at all Masses  highlighting that global poverty is not a misfortune but an injustice faced by our brothers and sisters overseas.

Justice and Peace Group Member, Rosemary Dalton, said: “Now the excitement of the election is over the new government must get down to business. They are facing hard choices, but we expect them to act on global poverty. It’s vital that climate change, aid and making business work for the poor are on their agenda, so that children in the world’s poorest countries have the opportunities our children have to learn and to flourish.”

CAFOD is calling on the new government to Act on Poverty by:

• Pushing for a fair climate change deal at the UN
• Honoring their commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of national income on aid by 2013
• Ensuring businesses are accountable to people in poor countries affected by their operations.

Enfield parish has a long tradition of standing up for justice, campaigning for an end to apartheid, the cancellation of unfair debt and to Make Poverty History. They invite other parishes across the Diocese to arrange similar activities with the hope of over 10,000 messages being sent to the Prime Minister by 10/10/2010

Diocesan Manager Tony Sheen said: “We are grateful to the parishioners of the diocese for their continued support through prayer, donations and campaigning actions. Catholics campaigning with CAFOD have achieved positive results in the past, and can do so again. Together we can make a difference.

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