Catholic lawyer responds to legal threat against Vatican

Neil Addison, Barrister

Neil Addison, Barrister

Neil Addison, Barrister, and  National Director of the UK-based Thomas More Legal Centre has written the following response to the supposed 'decision' by the US Supreme Court that the Vatican can now be sued for the actions of abusive priests. Mr Addision writes: "I decided to check on the real facts and have now published a Blog on the subject.  As can be seen the reality is far less significant that the publicity."

"Many media outlets have been announcing that the Vatican has been stripped of its Diplomatic Immunity by the US Supreme Court of which this Article in the Guardian Newspaper 'Without its immunity, can the Vatican survive ?'  is fairly typical.

"Unlike just about everyone else who seems to have commented on the subject I decided to find the facts first and comment afterwards and the actual legal facts are quite different from what is being reported."

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