Order of Malta International Holiday Camp comes to Britain

For the first time, the Order of Malta’s International Holiday Camp - the 27th - is set to take place in Britain.

Later this month, more than 150 disabled guests and 300 helpers will come together at the Bluestone holiday village in Pembrokeshire, on the South Wales coast.

The annual Order of Malta camp, caters for people aged 18 to 35 with a range of backgrounds and disabilities. It offers them the chance to take part in activities that would not normally be accessible to them – including, this year, scuba diving and flying lessons with the British Disabled Flying Association.

The camp’s hosts, the British Association of the Order of Malta, look forward to offering guests, who will come from all over the world, the chance to share a holiday and to experience Catholic spirituality and British hospitality. The theme for the 2010 camp is taken from a Beatles song: “All you need is love”. The Association’s President, Charles Weld, noted:  “The Order’s international summer camp for young people with disabilities gives us the opportunity to welcome both newcomers and old friends to a very special gathering. The theme for this year – 'All you need is love' – inspires every one of us.”

The Order of Malta is the oldest Catholic religious charitable order in the world. From its foundation almost ten centuries ago, the Order’s mission has been to live according to Christian principles and to help the poor and the sick with total impartiality. Historically, this included pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Today the Order of Malta has 13,000 members worldwide and works in the field of medical and social care in more than 120 countries, including running hospitals and providing emergency relief.

General Lord Guthrie, Vice-President of the British Association of the Order said: "The camp will greatly benefit all those who are attending from 20 countries. Quite apart from giving great pleasure, it may well also alter lives for the better."

The International Holiday Camp take place from July 10-17th.

For more details see: www.maltacamp2010.org.uk and www.justgiving.com/GILLY-ORR
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